5 Skincare Ingredients You Need This Winter

The winter season is officially here, which can only mean one thing — a new skincare routine is in order! Because, just like you switch out your clothes and shoes for the colder weather, the same is true for your skincare products. We believe prevention, protection, and hydration are the keys to achieving optimal skin health in the winter. That’s why we’ve rounded up our 5 favorite skincare ingredients that do exactly that. These wintertime heroes help restore, replenish, and repair while retaining moisture for healthy, balanced skin.

Check out the 5 ingredients you need to add to your skincare routine this winter below:

1. Hyaluronic Acid

Coming in at the top of our list is hyaluronic acid. This powerhouse ingredient helps soothe and relieve dry, sensitive skin due to wintertime elements like dry air, harsh winds, and indoor heat. These external factors may strip the skin of moisture and essential oils, which are needed for the skin barrier to function properly. Thankfully, hyaluronic acid acts as a “moisture magnet”, according to our glowoasis Director of Education, and licensed aesthetician, Elizabeth Cardoza. She explains, “It [creates] a reservoir of water molecules that increase the skin’s water content.” With hyaluronic acid infused into your winter skincare routine, you’re on the fast track to restoring lost hydration for plump, radiant, and glowing skin.

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2. Prickly Pear

Next up is prickly pear. This ingredient is a must for your skin due to its high concentrations of vitamin E. Miami-based board-certified dermatologist Loretta Ciraldo, M.D. explains, “Vitamin E is also a very hydrating molecule since it works as both a humectant (to absorb water into the skin) and an emollient (to trap water in the skin).” This, as well as prickly pear’s high levels of fatty acids and omega 6 and 9, helps provide the barrier-boosting protection skin needs for winter. Remember, most skin issues like dehydration and redness surface from an imbalanced, compromised skin barrier. A.K.A. the skin microbiome. When your skin microbiome is healthy and balanced, so is your skin. Cardoza adds, “If you experience inflammation and irritation from windburn and harsh elements, this ingredient is sure to help in the healing process.”

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3. Murumuru Butter

Let’s not forget murumuru butter. Derived from the nuts of the Amazonian palm tree, murumuru butter is a luxurious emollient well known for its highly-moisturizing properties. This ingredient penetrates deep into the skin to intensely hydrate and lock in moisture. It also contains minerals and fatty acids, like lauric acid and omega-3s, that help support the skin’s natural barrier and prevent moisture loss. This is crucial for healthy, hydrated winter skin. Healthline explains, “Healthy skin has a lipid-rich skin barrier that seals in moisture, while dry skin typically has lower fat levels. Therefore, creams and lotions rich in fats can improve your skin’s hydration by sealing in water.” Murumuru butter is an effective humectant needed for those with dry, itchy skin in winter.

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4. Papaya Enzyme

Papaya enzyme is a true winter skin savior thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. As we mentioned earlier, the skin is often triggered by environmental elements heightened during the winter months. Papaya enzyme’s anti-inflammatory properties thankfully help reduce redness and seasonal sensitivity. This ingredient heals and restores damaged skin, too. Papaya enzyme is typically best known, though, for its effective, gentle exfoliating capabilities. The ingredient removes dead skin cells and flakiness often caused by cold weather. With papaya enzyme in your winter skincare collection, you’ll reveal smoother, even-toned skin.

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5. Moringa Oil

Our list wouldn’t be complete without moringa oil. Extracted from the seeds of the Moringa Oleifera tree, moringa oil powerfully soothes, softens, and protects the skin all winter long. Cardoza says that moringa oil acts “like an anti-pollution shield between yourself and the environment, neutralizing free radicals and providing much nourishment.” This protection and nourishment are vital throughout the winter months because chilly temperatures are more likely to dehydrate and dry out the skin. Thankfully, moringa oil-infused skincare provides that relief your skin is looking for this winter.

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Show your skin extra TLC this winter with glowoasis

Looking for a winter dry skin remedy? We’ve got you. These 5 skincare ingredients deliver the hydration, nourishment, and protection your skin needs to survive the winter months and remain healthy. Trust us, your skin will thank you!

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