6 Common Skincare Ingredients & Our Vegan Alternatives

Did you know that many skincare products are actually made with animal-based ingredients? When you’re seeking out vegan skincare, it’s so important to carefully read through and understand the full ingredient list. Thankfully with glowoasis, you never have to worry about what’s in your skincare. Our products are and always will be 100% vegan, so you can #GlowVegan effortlessly. Take a look at these 6 common non-vegan skincare ingredients and our vegan alternatives below:

1. Probiotics

As described in our Everything You Need to Know About Vegan Probiotics blog, skincare products may contain probiotics in their ingredient list. But, probiotics come from cultured milk, making it an animal by-product. They’ve been shown to cause skin irritation and clogged pores. We, on the other hand, include vegan probiotics in each and every one of our skincare formulas. They’re obtained from nutrient-rich napa cabbage and are much gentler on your skin compared to probiotics. Vegan probiotics are even safe for ALL skin types, while probiotics are not suited for sensitive skin. This vegan swap is a must-have in skincare with all that it offers!

2. Glycerin

When you’re looking through your favorite skincare’s ingredient list, there’s a high likelihood that glycerin will pop up. It’s one of the most frequently used ingredients in skincare, as it helps skin to retain moisture, relieves dryness and softens the skin. But, few know that this lipid can be derived from animal fats. Since we’re a vegan skincare brand, that’s not the case with us. The glycerin found in all glowoasis products contains zero animal by-products. 

3. Lecithin

Another ingredient typically found in skincare is lecithin. It helps restore your skin’s hydration and leaves it feeling super smooth to the touch. While this ingredient can be made from egg yolks, an animal by-product, you won’t ever find that at glowoasis. Our entire ultimate oasis collection includes lecithin from glycine soja, also known as soybean lecithin. It’s completely vegan and incredibly healthy for your skin!

4. Niacinamide

Niacinamide is a powerful and effective ingredient that enriches many of our formulas. It’s added into both our powderporefect exfoliator and glowshot serum and is well-known for benefits like minimizing pores, boosting hydration, improving texture and brightening tone. Even though our niacinamide is vegan, and synthetically created without any animal by-products, that isn’t always true elsewhere. Niacinamide can be produced from animals, so definitely make sure to source all ingredients you’re using beforehand.

5. Hyaluronic Acid

Then there’s hyaluronic acid, which is used in our powderporefect exfoliator. This ingredient, shown to increase moisture and help reduce the appearance of fine lines, is often animal-derived. It can come directly from the combs of roosters. Our brand is not only vegan, but also cruelty-free, so we get our hyaluronic acid through biotech-based fermentation instead. When you exfoliate with us, you can now feel good about what you’re applying to your skin.

6. Arginine

Within our milkdew toner and glowshot serum, you’ll discover arginine. This superstar ingredient helps protect the skin from free radicals and maintain moisture. Our arginine is made from all-natural, vegan sources like corn, sugar cane and tapioca. It’s our mission at glowoasis to deliver vegan skincare that’s clean, which is what you’ll get with our arginine. While other skincare brands generate theirs from gelatin, an ingredient derived from an animal’s collagen, this will never happen here. Your skin is only treated to skin-loving, vegan ingredients.

Reading through an ingredient list can oftentimes be overwhelming. There’s so many ingredients to sort through with little to no information to go with it. Because of this, many consumers aren’t aware that various ingredients commonly found in your skincare can contain animal by-products. With glowoasis, though, we use only vegan ingredients that bring you the nutrients, minerals and antioxidants your skin so desperately needs.

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