glowoasis 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for all the special people in your life. You don’t want to wait until the last minute and have to shop at the mall frantically, so we put together the perfect gift guide from our holiday shop for everyone on your list.

No matter who you're shopping for, we can all agree; we’re all looking for ways to take better care of ourselves, inside and out. Skincare allows us to press pause and spend much-needed self-care moments while achieving healthier skin.

Give the gift of glow this season with vegan probiotic skincare your friends and family will love. 

The Skincare Junkie:

Everybody knows someone who is #SkincareObsessed. The ultimate oasis includes all of the products in our essentials collection. Everything from step a to z for a daily skincare routine (although we really hope no one has a 26-step skincare routine). The ultimate oasis includes the essentials for a daily skincare routine, from a cleanser, a toner to a moisturizer. This could be for your mom, girlfriend, boyfriend, or anyone who is skincare-obsessed. Trust us, this will get you on the nice list this season.

The ultimate oasis includes: 6 full-sized products

  • makeupmelt: a gentle cleansing balm that melts away makeup, impurities and surface oils for fresh, clean skin. 
  • cloudcleanse: a gentle cloud-whipped foam cleanser that cleans the skin on a deeper level without stripping the skin’s moisture.
  • powderporefect: a powder-to-foam enzyme cleanser that gently exfoliates the skin for smooth and glowy skin.
  • milkdew: a lightweight pH balancing milk toner that balances and nourishes the skin. 
  • glowshot: a lightweight, yet hydrating serum that revives and hydrates dull skin. 
  • glowburst: an intense hydrating cream that moisturizes skin all day long.

    The Newbie: 

    For someone who is just starting to explore the magic of the skincare world, this kit is the perfect welcome. The limited-edition best sellers bundle has our most popular and essential products that will help them dive into the world of skincare. Watch the glow on their face as they open this!

    Best sellers bundle includes: full sized makeupmelt + milkdew + glowshot


    The Glow-Getter:

    These are the people who always seem to be doing ten things at once. To make their lives a bit easier, give them the glow to go travel kit. Now, they can just throw this kit in their bag, whether it is a travel or a gym bag and they are set with an entire clean & vegan probiotic skincare routine. 

    glow to go includes: travel size makeupmelt + cloudcleanse + powderporefect 5pc + milkdew + glowshot + glowburst


    The Makeup Lover:

    This person is known to spend most of their money on makeup products, so much so they forget about skincare! Tragic, right? Help their skin out by gifting the cleanse mini duo, perfect for double cleansing and removing all of their makeup. You can bet they already know the benefits of double cleansing and would appreciate this thoughtful gift.

    cleanse mini duo includes: travel size: makeupmelt + cloudcleanse 


    The Fitness Freak:   

    We all aspire to be like them and have their motivation. They have their fitness and we have our skincare! Introduce them to the importance of exfoliating regularly with one of our powderporefect powder-to-foam enzyme cleanser sets. For the gym-goer, cleansing and exfoliating is essential. Letting sweat sit on your skin for any prolonged length of time can be problematic and lead to clogged pores and excess oil. powderporefect helps reduce inflammation, reduce and unclog pores while gently exfoliating and removing impurities like dry, dull, dead skin, dirt and surface oils built up from the gym. 

    No matter what budget you're on, we have a powderporefect kit to help achieve a brighter & smoother complexion.  

    10 powderporefect minis + bubblemaker - $19 
    Includes: 10 packets of powderporefect + 1 bubblemaker

    powderporefect minis: $21 ($37.50 value)
    includes: 15 packets powderporefect + 1 travel pouch

    7 powderporefect minis - $9
    Includes: 7 powderporefect packets 

    Full size powderporefect - now 25% off $31.50 ($42 value)


     Your Work BFFs 

    Need a little something to give your co-workers, but ballin on a budget? Brighten up their day and skin with glowoasis’ clean, vegan probiotic skincare! Check out our Holiday Shop full of stocking stuffers and limited edition bundles starting at $9.

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     The one who’s impossible to shop for

    Everyone has that one family member or friend that is impossible to shop for, whether they already have it all or don't give you even the slightest hint of what they want *sign*. Don't worry; we got your back. glowoasis e-gift cards allow you to treat anyone to clean, vegan probiotic skincare packed with skin-loving ingredients for luminous skin and happy spirits. 

    Shop gift cards!


    Were you able to find some glowing gift ideas for the special people on your list? We really hope so! Everyone deserves to have healthy and glowy skin, which they would definitely get with glowoasis! After all, the word glow is literally in our name! 

    Happy Holidays & Happy Shopping!

    - glowoasis team

    Get glowing!

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