The Hydrators You Need for Summer

Can you believe it? Summer is finally here! As we head straight for hotter temperatures and plenty of sunshine, it’s so important to keep our skin fully hydrated. And what better day to bring awareness to it than today — National Hydration Day! Thankfully, at glowoasis, we offer three amazing hydrators that will best quench your skin’s thirst throughout the new season. Check out our top 3 hydration heroes that you NEED for summer below:


1. glowburst intense hydration boosting cream 

Give your skin some relief from the summertime heat with glowburst! This vegan moisturizer is super refreshing and cooling, hydrating your skin all day long. Unlike other face creams, though, glowburst actually transforms into tiny droplets when applied. These droplets then soak deep into your skin to instantly replenish and revitalize. Goodbye, dry skin! glowburst is also lightweight and never greasy. You won’t feel like it’s weighing you down in the hot, humid weather. With a hydrating blend of resurrection plant, desert rose leaf extract and blue agave leaf extract, glowburst makes your skin softer, smoother and ready to take on all that summer has to offer.


2. glowshot supercharged hydrating serum

Want the perfect summertime glow? Look no further than glowshot! This hydrating serum delivers an instant dose of moisture with each drop. Its revitalizing combination of niacinamide, blue agave leaf extract and adenosine helps your skin stay fresh and dewy … even in the hottest weather! This vegan serum is so lightweight, too. It allows your skin to fully breathe, making it a skincare essential for any makeup-less days. And, for those times you prefer to wear makeup, just mix a few drops of glowshot into your foundation for long-lasting hydration. The heat doesn’t have to dry out your skin when you’ve got a facial serum like glowshot!


3. milkdew ph balancing moisture milk toner

When the rising temperatures leave your skin thirsty, give it a drink of milkdew! This unique toner-meets-moisturizer deeply hydrates, conditions and soothes the skin, thanks to key ingredients like apricot kernel oil, soybean extract and cica extract. milkdew also removes any last traces of dirt or excess oil that may build up on your skin throughout the day. This is exactly what you need to cleanse your skin of sweat for a clean and clear complexion. Our vegan toner will truly dew your skin a favor this summer.


During this special time of the year, the last thing we want is for our skin to become dull and dehydrated. That’s why it’s so crucial we take care of our skin right with these daily hydrators, powered by vegan probiotics. They’ll have your skin looking perfectly cool and hydrated for a glow that shines brighter than the sun! 

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