How Stress Affects Your Skin (And the Skin-Soothing Ingredients That Help!)

It’s no secret that stress can take a serious toll on our health, but did you know it could also affect our skin? When we’re super stressed out, our bodies trigger the flight or fight response. This causes us to release the stress hormone cortisone, which increases oil production in our skin’s glands. Of course, when we have too much sebum, our pores clog up and that leads to breakouts. 

That’s not all, though. Stress can aggravate any existing inflammatory skin conditions that you may have, such as psoriasis or eczema. You could experience flare ups during this time, as well as skin reactions like hives and rashes.  Our skin is much more reactive and sensitive when we’re stressed.  

Plus, stress throws off our microbiome’s delicate balance of both good and bad bacteria. These bacteria must happily coexist together to bring your skin to its healthiest, strongest state. But, when we’re overstressed, our microbiome experiences an imbalance, which can change the look and feel of our skin. 

Thankfully, there are ingredients found in your glowoasis vegan skincare that can actually soothe and calm your skin, even when you’re stressed. 

Check out our top five skin-soothing ingredients:

1. Vegan Probiotics

Once you try vegan probiotic skincare, you’ll never want anything else! That’s because of how beneficial vegan probiotics are for your skin. Derived from napa cabbage, this ingredient improves your skin’s health by balancing, strengthening and protecting the microbiome. With a well-balanced microbiome, your skin can better combat stress. We infuse vegan probiotics in all our skincare products, from facial cleansers to daily moisturizers.

2. Cica Extract

Cica extract is one of our favorite stress-relieving ingredients. It contains properties that help restore your skin’s moisture barrier and soothe irritation. This natural skin healer may also aid in repairing damaged skin. When you’re dealing with a lot of stress, make sure to choose skincare like milkdew moisture milk toner packed with cica extract.

3. False Daisy

False daisy is another superhero ingredient to look out for in your vegan skincare products. Its antioxidants soothe, heal and shield the skin from stress and environmental stressors, like pollution and UV rays. False daisy is so gentle on your skin, too! You can find it in our makeupmelt cleansing balm.

4. Moringa Seed Oil

Similar to false daisy, moringa seed oil is a powerhouse ingredient found in makeupmelt vegan cleansing balm that calms inflammation. It’s non-greasy, so it won’t leave behind any oily residue that could clog pores or lead to pesky breakouts. Moringa seed oil even helps maintain and replenish the skin’s moisture to reveal a healthy glow!

5. Blue Agave Leaf Extract

No list is complete without blue agave leaf extract. This vitamin-rich extract is known for decreasing inflammation, as well as boosting your skin’s health and reducing fine lines. We love the soothing properties and health benefits of blue agave leaf extract so much that we include it in our cloudcleanse cloud-whipped foam cleanserglowshot supercharged hydrating serum and glowburst intense hydration boosting cream.

We can’t always control how stressful life is, but we can take steps to support our skin through the tough times. Incorporate these skin-calming ingredients into your skincare routine, and watch the difference it makes.

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