How to Combat Dry, Winter Skin

The winter season may bring joy and warmth to our hearts, but it also brings dry skin. But have no worries, we’re here to share some tips to help you combat dry winter skin this year!

1. Drink up!

We know you’ve heard it before, but just as a reminder, drink your water! Yes, even in winter, your body still requires the same amount of water. Just because we don’t get as thirsty doesn’t mean our body doesn’t need it. Now that your body is hydrated internally, we can focus on external hydration.


2. Double cleanse.

Avoid using intense, drying cleansers. Many cleansers rob your skin of its natural moisture, leaving it feeling tight and dry and if you use makeup wipes, PLEASE stop and start double cleansing! Makeup wipes are formulated to break down makeup, but they don’t actually cleanse the skin. Instead, they’ll destroy your acid mantle, leaving your skin with less protection against bacteria and toxins. Makeup wipes can be very harsh and can over-exfoliate the skin (making skin even drier). Not to mention the waste is not environmentally friendly. 

So, if you haven’t already ditched them, it’s time to say peace out to makeup wipes and hello to double cleansing. Always start your double cleansing skincare routine with an oil-based cleanser like makeupmelt. Our makeupmelt cleansing balm is infused with moringa seed oil that protects and boosts your skin’s immunity while it removes makeup without stripping your skin of its natural moisture. After using an oil-based cleanser, move on to your second cleanse with a water-based cleanser like cloudcleanse cloud-whipped foam cleanser. cloudcleanse is a gentle pH balancing cleanser that removes any impurities and makeup residue leftover and thoroughly cleans and refines your pores. You can see the difference in your skin’s health once you start double cleansing! You won’t be able to ignore the glow or smoothness of your skin.


3. Don't skip exfoliating!

Your skin is more dehydrated than ever, which leads to a build-up of dead skin cells. For your moisturizers and serums to be effective and penetrate deeper, you need to exfoliate all that dry, dead skin away so the rest of your skincare products can have the chance to shine! Our powderporefect powder-to-foam enzyme cleanser is formulated with papaya enzymes, a non-abrasive exfoliator that breaks down proteins that hold dead skin. It helps exfoliate and buff away dead skin cells, allowing the skin to regenerate more quickly. It’s super gentle on the skin and it helps soften, brighten and soothe all skin types (even the most sensitive skin). 

GLOW FACT: Did you know your skin renews itself overnight? That’s why we recommend exfoliating in the morning to slough away the dead skin cells that arose up to the skin’s surface overnight. Exfoliate 1-2 a week in the AM to reveal brighter, smoother skin.

Exfoliating does not stop just at the face; you build up dead skin cells on your entire body. Dry brush your body a couple of times a week by starting from the legs and working your way up. This method eliminates dead skin cells and increases circulation and helps eliminate toxins and stimulate the lymphatic system. Start by committing to twice a week, and depending on your skin type, you can dry brush more or less.


4. Invest in a humidifier.

Whether you are working from home or lounging around the house, a humidifier is a must during the winter months. It helps bring moisture back into the air that is dry due to indoor heating. Sleep with a humidifier in your room and you’ll wake up with dewy skin! 


5. Tone it down!

If you’ve avoided toners in the past out of concern that they’ll just further dry out your skin, have no fear, milkdew is here! milkdew is formulated with apricot kernel oil and soybean extract that provides your skin with long-lasting hydration and restores suppleness while balancing the skin’s pH levels. It’s also packed with amino acids to calm and soothe irritation and redness. 

6. Hydrating serums for the WIN!

Serums are an easy way to add intense hydration to your skin without feeling greasy. glowshot is the perfect lightweight serum that you can easily incorporate into your skincare routine. We recommend using it day AND night!


7. Moisturize!

Last, add a moisturizer that is just right for YOUR skin. glowburst provides your skin with a burst of lasting hydration that is perfect for every season. This unique moisturizer bursts into tiny droplets when applied to nourish your skin, leaving it hydrated and glowing.


8. Eat your greens.

Healthy, nourished, glowing skin CANNOT be accomplished without a balanced diet. You can have an extensive skincare routine with all of the most luxurious, expensive products, but if your diet doesn’t reflect healthy eating, your skincare products won’t be as effective. We’re not asking for your diet to consist solely of brussel sprouts and broccoli, but having a balanced diet that works for you, will help you in the long run. 

Eating clean means cutting down on your sugar intake, getting the proper amount of protein and fiber needed, and drinking plenty of water throughout the day. This can be especially beneficial to you now with all of the holiday food you’ll be consuming. We realize this will be super hard during the holidays, but once you get in the habit of eating clean, it becomes easier to manage.

Incorporate these foods into your diet and watch your skin glow! 

Foods that promote GLOWING skin:  

  • Avocados - keep skin firm and dewy.  
  • Carrots - prevent clogged pores.
  • Salmon - keeps your skin toned and firm. 
  • Eggs - prevent breakouts and dryness. 
  • Oats - help skin retain its elasticity, which slows down aging.
Whether it's incorporating hydrating products into your routine or eating better, these are some tips to achieve plump, hydrated, youthful skin. Just remember, healthy skin doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, patience and persistence!


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