How to Give Yourself a De-Puffing Eye Massage at Home

Looking for a way to relax and unwind while also visibly reducing puffiness around the eyes? Add a de-puffing eye massage to your daily eye care routine! Not only is an eye massage soothing, but it offers many incredible benefits to your skin. To learn why you should be using an eye massager, and how to perform an eye massage at home, keep on scrolling.

What causes puffiness undereyes?

Puffiness can be caused by several different factors like genetics, allergies, sleep deprivation, fluid retention from too much salt consumption, and aging. The undereye area is thin, so any puffiness can be quite noticeable. But, while there’s no way to eliminate undereye bags for good, there are steps you can take to visibly de-puff and firm the skin for a more rested, refreshed appearance.

How does an eye massage benefit my skin?

Eye massagers are handheld beauty tools that can be used every day to reduce puffiness, firm, and cool the eye area. It boosts circulation and supports lymphatic drainage for a relaxing massage. The calming rolling motions release tension around the eyes, so you can de-stress and just take a moment for yourself. An eye massage also maximizes your results by improving product absorption.

How do I give myself a de-puffing eye massage at home?

With the right tools and knowledge, you can easily give yourself a gentle yet effective de-puffing eye massage at home. Start by applying an eye cream, like our probiotics + triple peptide refreshing eye cream, to your eye area. This step will help minimize any friction or tugging, as you roll your massager around that delicate skin.

Once the cream is applied, take your massager and carefully glide it across your eyelid from the inside corner outwards to the temple. Then, repeat this same motion underneath your eye — again starting at the inner corner and moving out to your temple. We recommend repeating this motion roughly 5 times in succession over your entire eye area. When you’re done, perform these same steps on the other eye.

If you’d like, you can also use an eye massager on your browbone. Take the soft, rounded edge of the tool and delicately slide it across the browbone, beginning below the inner eyebrow and moving up and outwards. This helps alleviate tension, especially after a long day. We suggest doing this for about 15-20 seconds on each browbone. 


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