How to Make Your Skincare Routine Vegan

Within the beauty industry, vegan skincare is often praised for its positive impact on the skin, the lives of animals, and even the planet. And, because of benefits like this, more and more people today are making the switch over to a vegan skincare routine. If you want to make this change, too, but aren’t sure how to go about it, don’t worry! You’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of 4 simple steps you can take to create your perfect everyday vegan skincare routine.


1. Get your facts straight & do your research

As the saying goes, knowledge is power. And, that’s the case when transitioning to a vegan skincare routine. Before making any drastic changes, it’s important to gather all the facts. We recommend taking a look at reliable and informative resources like The Vegan Society. As the oldest vegan organization in the world, they’ll help you locate which skincare products are vegan and give you the guidance needed to make more educated choices. We also suggest following vegan beauty bloggers or vegan skincare brands on social media. You can even follow us on Instagram here. This will keep you up-to-date on the latest vegan skincare trends and news.


2. Check your ingredient labels

Once you have those basics covered, it’s time to dive a bit deeper. First, find out which skincare ingredients are typically derived from animal sources. We bet you’ll be surprised by how many common ingredients — like probiotics, glycerin, lecithin, beeswax, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid — come from animals. Of course, though, many vegan skincare brands — like glowoasis — offer vegan alternatives. Explore these options in our blog post here.

Keeping this ingredient information top-of-mind will help you easily spot which skincare products are vegan and which aren’t. You can find the product’s complete ingredient list on its outer packaging and/or container. To learn how to read cosmetic labels, what symbols to look out for, and why full ingredient transparency is a must for effectively protecting your skin barrier, read our blog post here.


3. Get to know your favorite vegan skincare brands

Use this opportunity as a time to really get acquainted with your favorite vegan skincare brands. Besides just finding out how their ingredients are sourced, learn what value they’ll provide your skin. Are their ingredients packed with essential nutrients and vitamins? Are their ingredients clean? Is this vegan brand cruelty-free? You want to make sure you’re choosing the right vegan skincare that will benefit your skin the most. 

At glowoasis, we’re a 100% vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand that’s certified by PETA and registered with The Vegan Society. We never include any animal by-products or toxins in our formulas. We also don’t test our products or ingredients on animals or partner with any factories that do. These are important brand missions to us. 

Vegan Probiotics

As part of this quest to deliver clean, effective vegan skincare, we’ve even leveraged the power of vegan probiotics. Using our own fermentation and agro-extraction process, we maintained the key nutrients of our signature napa cabbage to develop proprietary vegan probiotics that help balance and strengthen the skin barrier. This is importance because most skin issues, like breakouts and dehydration, surface from an unbalanced skin microbiome. 

Vegan probiotics are non-irritating compared to dairy-based probiotics and are safer than animal-based ingredients because there are no additives. This helps eliminate the potential for any further skin issues. Proprietary vegan probiotics are also more responsible than dairy-based probiotics because they produce fewer carbon emissions. At glowoasis, we are dedicated to biodiversity, reducing the ecological footprint, and using only the highest quality components in our vegan skincare. 

With our vegan probiotic skincare formulated for your microbiome, you’ll not only achieve healthier skin, but also leave a positive impact on the beauty and wellness of the planet.


4. Don’t be afraid to start slow

It’s not a race and change doesn’t have to happen overnight. Any progress made towards a vegan skincare routine — no matter how big or small — is a step in the right direction. Never forget that! Even if you start by only swapping out one or two of your products for a vegan alternative, that’s still making an impact. Because, after all, you also want to make sure that these changes are ones you can maintain. By taking your time to really think through your choices, you’re on the path to crafting a successful vegan skincare routine.

We believe by keeping these 4 steps in mind, you’ll be better equipped to transform your beauty routine and reach your vegan skincare goals. You can shop our full assortment of glowoasis vegan skincare here

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