Meet glowoasis’s Vegan Hero Ingredients

Behind every great skincare brand are superstar ingredients. These ingredients should not only feed the skin important nutrients, but also deliver visible results. And, thankfully at glowoasis, that’s exactly what you’ll find. Our ingredients are always clean, microbiome-friendly AND effective. While we use a variety of skin-loving ingredients in our formulas — like niacinamide, cica extract, ceramide NP and rosemary leaf water and oil — we have 3 hero ingredients. Learn more about them below.

Vegan probiotics

Let us introduce you to the holy grail of skincare ingredients — vegan probiotics! Known as our signature ingredient, vegan probiotics offer your skin SO many incredible benefits. For starters, vegan probiotics calm your skin, which helps reduce acne and improve inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea. Vegan probiotics also protect your skin by strengthening your microbiome, or skin barrier. This, in turn, reinforces the skin’s natural defenses against internal and external stressors, like bad bacteria, hormonal imbalances and free radical damage. And, of course we can’t forget to mention how vegan probiotics retain water and boost moisture absorption to thoroughly hydrate your skin. 

By calming, protecting and hydrating your complexion, vegan probiotics ultimately lead to healthy skin aging. This special ingredient enhances your skin’s elasticity, gets rid of dryness and dullness, and noticeably minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can find vegan probiotics in each and every single one of our glowoasis vegan skincare products.

Prickly pear extract

Besides vegan probiotics, you’ll also see prickly pear extract in many of our formulas. Our entire first collection is actually infused with this ultra-hydrating and replenishing ingredient. And, for good reason! Prickly pear extract contains a high concentration of multivitamins and minerals that your skin craves. It’s particularly rich in vitamins A, B and C, which are all essential for healthy skin aging. Prickly pear extract restores the skin’s natural moisture barrier, neutralizes free radical skin damage, and even refines skin tone to brighten dark spots. With prickly pear extract-enriched skincare, you’ll experience a healthy glow. Try this ingredient for yourself by shopping our complete six-piece ultimate oasis vegan skincare bundle.

Murumuru butter

Last, but definitely not least, is murumuru butter. This powerful ingredient was the main focus of our glowoasis probiotics + murumuru collection that we launched in the fall of 2021. Made from the fruit fat found in murumuru seeds — and cold-pressed to better retain its vitamins, minerals and nutrients — murumuru butter calms, hydrates and balances your skin best. In the skincare industry, murumuru butter is well-known for how it deeply moisturizes to repair dry, damaged skin. That’s not all. Like vegan probiotics, murumuru butter softens fine lines, too, without ever clogging your pores. If you want to achieve a smooth, healthy-looking complexion, this is the ingredient you need in your skincare. Shop our murumuru butter-infused skincare with the calming essentials kit here.

We strongly believe in the power of these ingredients, and know that with them you’ll reach your healthiest, best skin at glowoasis. Come start your journey with us here

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