My Skin Chooses Compassion

When it comes to cruelty-free skincare, every. shelfie. counts. Seriously. You may feel like your skincare routine only affects you, but that’s simply not true. Making the conscious decision to go cruelty-free is one small change that can make a big impact on the world around us.

Why do we choose to be cruelty-free?

Our love of animals has ALWAYS been at the forefront of everything we do. Since launching in 2020, our approach has been kindness — to our skin, animals, and the planet. According to The Humane Society, approximately 500,000 animals are harmed or killed every year around the world in cosmetic tests. And, currently, only 41 countries internationally have banned animal testing for cosmetics. This is why we’ve taken a strong stance to protect and improve the lives of our furry friends. We promise to never experiment with animals or use ingredients that are derived from them. We also won’t partner with any factories that do. When you use glowoasis vegan skincare, you can feel confident knowing you’re directly helping all the animals that continuously bring joy to our lives.

What certifications do we have?

As part of our cruelty-free pledge, we’re proud to be certified by PETA and registered with The Vegan Society. But, what does this mean for our skincare? There are absolutely NO animal by-products in our formulas. Our products are all 100% vegan, 100% of the time. And, since we value the safety and well-being of animals, we vow to never test our products, ingredients, or packaging on them. glowoasis has undergone strict assessments and met the highest standards to achieve these certifications from both organizations.

What are the benefits of cruelty-free skincare?

Cruelty-free skincare offers numerous benefits. For starters, it betters the lives of animals! We learned earlier that hundreds of thousands of animals are mistreated or killed in the process of making skincare and other beauty items. By using cruelty free skin care, though, you’re helping to save the lives of animals and create a kinder, safer world for them. Another benefit of cruelty-free skincare is that it’s better for your skin. Our glowoasis cruelty-free skincare is formulated with vegan probiotics and free of any animal by-products, which often cause skin irritation and clogged pores. Cruelty-free skincare is better for the planet, too. Animal-based beauty tends to cause higher carbon emissions, deforestation, and waste. However, cruelty-free, vegan skincare has been proven to lower deforestation and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

Every ingredient in every cruelty-free product you use is a step in the right direction. So, whether you want to make that switch to animal cruelty-free skincare in honor of your pet at home or because you see the incredible value it brings to your skin, go ahead and take that leap with us. When you use our vegan probiotic skincare, you’re helping to make a difference, all while experiencing glowing results for healthy skin. Shop our full assortment of cruelty-free products, powered by vegan probiotics, here.

Our partnership with Beagle Freedom Project

We’re honored to partner with the Beagle Freedom Project. They are a non-profit animal rescue and advocacy organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of animals used in testing and experimental research. Beagle Freedom Project aims to end animal testing through its education programs, campaign initiatives, and lobbying efforts to make the world a safer and healthier place for animals. In support of their efforts, for every order placed on, we'll be donating $1 to the Beagle Freedom Project. We hope that together we can build a kinder world for animals everywhere. Learn more about the Beagle Freedom Project here.

Now we have to ask … our skin chooses compassion, does yours?

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