Myth Monday: Does Your Skin Eventually Build Up a Resistance to Skincare Products?

Myth or Reality: Your skin builds up a tolerance to the skincare products you use, eventually causing them to become ineffective.


Just like you eat your greens every day and they continue to be good for your health, the same can be said about your skincare. Your skin does NOT build up an immunity to skincare products over time. 

As long as the product you’re using is well-formulated and proven to be effective for your skin concern, it will continue to work.

Then why am I not seeing the same results with my skincare products?

When you first begin using a product, you’re more likely to see impressive results. The product quickly starts helping and treating your skin for concerns like dryness and irritation. 

But once you’ve been consistently applying that product, your skin is now improved from that first day. The product is instead maintaining that newfound healthy look and feel.

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