Prepping Your Skin: The Ultimate Guide for Flawless Makeup

Woman admiring her reflection in the mirror while gently brushing her hair back.

Mastering flawless makeup isn't just about the products you apply; it's also about setting the perfect canvas through a solid skincare routine. Skincare and makeup work hand in hand. The right skincare routine not only primes and hydrates your skin but lays the foundation for a stunning makeup finish. Let's explore the steps to achieve that desired glamorous look while giving your skin the care it deserves.

Cleansing: The Fresh Start

Begin your routine with a gentle cleanse — it's like hitting refresh for your face. A quality facial cleanser washes away impurities, excess oil, and any leftover makeup, giving you a clean slate to work with. Remember, what you do before applying your makeup significantly impacts its final look. Layering new foundation and blush over last night’s makeup won’t result in a smooth finish. Starting with a clean canvas ensures your makeup application shines through flawlessly. Our makeupmelt cleansing balm and cloudcleanse foam cleanser are great options, as they provide a thorough cleanse without stripping your skin of its natural moisture.

Exfoliating: Create a Smooth Surface

After cleansing, it's time for a gentle exfoliation. This step sloughs off dead skin cells and minimizes pores, revealing a smoother complexion. This smooth base is key for preventing your makeup from clinging to dry or uneven patches. Plus, without that buildup, your skin can more effectively soak in the benefits of the skincare products you apply. Our non-abrasive probiotics + papaya enzyme exfoliating powder suits all skin types and gets your skin ready for the perfect makeup application.

Toning: Find Balance

Think of toners as the gold star of skin prep! They work wonders by balancing your skin's pH levels and clearing away any last traces of impurities or makeup, building the base for flawless makeup application. Toners also tackle excess oil, helping your makeup stay put longer. When your skin is properly hydrated and balanced, makeup like foundation and concealer goes on more smoothly and evenly. Plus, some toners, such as our milkdew moisturizing toner and probiotics + murumuru ultra calming toner, boast hydrating and calming ingredients that combat dryness and redness, creating an ideal canvas for flawless makeup. 

For those with combination or dry skin, a toner can double up as a face mist to keep skin hydrated and makeup looking fresh all day. Just pour some toner into a spray bottle for a quick midday pick-me-up.

Serums: Targeted Care

Serums are your secret weapon for achieving flawless, long-lasting makeup. Their concentrated formulas target specific skin concerns, providing crucial support for a healthy complexion. Whether it's a hydration serum adding an extra layer of moisture or a brightening serum enhancing your skin's radiance, these formulations do more than just improve your skin — they lay the groundwork for makeup that stays impeccable all day.

Packed with potent active ingredients like antioxidants, many serums offer more than surface-level benefits. They actively reduce fine lines and smooth your skin’s texture, making makeup application a breeze. Take our glowshot supercharged hydrating serum, for instance. It’s not just a facial serum; it acts as a makeup primer and blends perfectly with foundation, offering an added touch of hydration. Plus, with consistent use, it gradually improves skin texture, providing an even base for your makeup.

Eye Care: Delicate Attention

Your eyes require special care due to their delicate skin. Our probiotics + triple peptide refreshing eye cream targets this sensitive area, delivering essential hydration and creating an ideal base for smoother concealer and eyeshadow application. Its quick-absorbing formula primes the skin for under-eye concealer, preventing it from settling into fine lines and ensuring seamless makeup blending for a natural look.

Certain concealers have a tendency to crease, especially around the fine lines and wrinkles near the eyes, where makeup can collect. Applying an eye cream also helps prevent makeup from accentuating these lines, diminishing the visibility of under-eye circles and avoiding an aged appearance. Enriched with vitamin C, niacinamide, and xylitol, our refreshing eye cream effectively reduces puffiness and dark circles, resulting in a brighter, more even makeup finish.

Moisturizing: Hydration Station

Never skip moisturizing! It's like giving your skin a nice, refreshing drink. Facial moisturizers stop your skin from getting dry and flaky, which can significantly affect your makeup’s final look. Dry skin often appears rougher with more visible lines, making foundation application result in a cakey appearance. This is where moisturizers step in — they smooth the skin’s surface, enabling a more uniform application of foundation or concealer and enhancing makeup’s lasting power. 

When your skin is hydrated, your makeup looks better and doesn’t settle into fine lines. Plus, it gives your skin a natural glow and keeps it from looking dull. Our probiotics + murumuru hydra surge moisturizer and probiotics + hyaluronic complex hydrating gel moisturizer deeply nourish the skin, keeping it soft, hydrated, and perfectly primed for flawless makeup. These moisturizers act as a protective shield, ensuring your makeup remains intact and looks fabulous throughout the day.

Before you start your makeup routine, pay attention to your skin. Our vegan probiotic skincare products not only prep your skin for makeup but also maintain its health and radiance over time. Always remember, a flawless makeup look starts with well-nurtured skin. Take care of your skin — it's the foundation that truly makes your makeup shine.

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