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At glowoasis, it’s always been our mission to deliver clean, effective skincare that supports your skin’s health and provides powerful results. Before our official probiotics + murumuru collection launch, we sent those items to a select group of product testers to gather up their feedback and bring you the best skincare possible. Our team reached out to women ages 25-40 to try our ultra calming toner and hydra surge moisturizer for a 30-day period. Throughout that time, we found out if they saw an improvement in visible redness, radiance, hydration and much more. So, while we can tell you that these products are just what your skin needs, you don’t have to take our word for it. See what product testers are saying about our face toner and face moisturizer below:

probiotics + murumuru ultra calming toner

What We Found*: 

  • 96% agreed they showed improvement in visible redness and/or irritated skin.
  • 96% agreed skin looks brighter and/or more radiant.
  • 96% agreed they showed improvement in the overall quality of their skin.

*Based on a consumer study of 22 people, ages 25-40, after 15 days of use.

The Reviews:

“I loved the packaging and formula! I have sensitive and oily skin and usually toners are harsh and drying, making my skin feel tight afterwards. This made my skin feel hydrated and clean, giving me a perfect canvas for the rest of my skin care. I would recommend 100%!”

“Definitely a good toner for sensitive skin! I have hormonal acne that ravages my skin monthly regardless of [the] product I use, but this product definitely soothes redness and keeps the rest of my skin tone even, even when the other parts are popping off. I like to use it before bed. Definitely doesn’t cause any kind of adverse effect for my very sensitive, problem skin.”

“My partner commented that my skin was looking great recently. The product has helped reduce acne for me while clearing dark spots.”

“Helped clear my skin from small breakouts to make my skin feel smooth and clean.”

“I have been loving the glowoasis ultra calming toner! I have seen an improvement in my redness which is one of my main facial concerns and it doesn’t irritate my skin!”

“I have tried a few toners before but none of them suited my skin and it always led to a burning sensation and a few pimples (I usually never get them). However, this toner worked wonders on my skin. I am glad to have found a product which suits me well. “

“I applied this toner after cleansing my face in the morning and my skin definitely felt lighter and more refreshed. As opposed to using moisturizers, this toner helped with evening my dry patches without feeling oily or super heavy.”

“I love this toner! I definitely see some improvement in the redness on my skin.”

probiotics + murumuru hydra surge moisturizer

What We Found*: 

  • 91% agreed they showed improvement in their skin’s hydration.
  • 91% agreed they showed improvement in the overall quality of their skin.

*Based on a consumer study of 22 people, ages 25-40, after 15 days of use.

The Reviews:
“Really great moisturizer. I have extremely dry skin and my skin felt super hydrated after each use.”

“I absolutely love this moisturizer! I love all of the glowoasis products and this one did not disappoint! I've had an increase in hydration and plumpness of my skin, as well as a decrease in creping and fine lines and wrinkles. This is such a lightweight formula that I can wear makeup over the top without it getting greasy or smearing around. But it's also so hydrating I can't believe how light it is! Such an awesome moisturizer!”

“Improved the health of my skin.”

“My skin is brighter and softer. I can’t stop touching my skin. It feels more hydrated and it doesn’t look greasy or oily.”

“This product did not irritate my skin one bit! I have very oily skin and this product made my skin feel hydrated and not like an oil slick. I would definitely recommend this to friends!”

“Used it before applying makeup and [it] made my makeup go on very smooth. Very hydrating!”

“Leaves my skin glowing, feeling healthy and moisturized!”

“Great addition to my daily skincare routine!”

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Now that you’ve seen what others have to say about our ultra calming toner and hydra surge moisturizer, it’s time to experience the power of probiotics + murumuru for yourself. Infused with only skin-loving, clean ingredients like vegan probiotics, murumuru butter and vitamin B complex, these products will effectively calm your skin for a visibly balanced, hydrated complexion. To learn more about this gentler care collection, and what results you can expect, check out our blog post here

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