Enzymatic Exfoliation: The Gentle Solution to Brighter, Smoother Skin

Want to experience softer, more radiant skin? Add exfoliation to your skincare routine! While there are various methods of exfoliation to choose from, enzymatic exfoliation has been garnering a lot of buzz in the beauty industry. And, for good reason. It’s the gentlest option, suitable for ALL skin types, and the enzymes within offer your skin unique benefits. To learn more about enzymes and how they can help your skin, keep reading below.

What makes enzymatic exfoliation stand out from other exfoliation methods?

Exfoliation can be achieved through physical, chemical, and enzymatic methods. While all three types aim to remove dead skin cells from the outer surface of the skin, enzymatic exfoliation is unique in its gentle approach. Physical exfoliation involves manually scrubbing the skin with small granules, such as microbeads or grains, which can often be too harsh for sensitive skin. Chemical exfoliants use acids like alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), beta-hydroxy acids (BHAs), and poly-hydroxy acids (PHAs) to dissolve dead skin cells, but overuse may lead to irritation or burns. Enzymatic exfoliation, on the other hand, uses natural enzymes to break down dead skin cells without damaging the skin’s barrier.

The 3 Types of Exfoliation: Which One is Right for You?

Chart comparing the 3 methods of exfoliation, which are physical, chemical, and gentle enzyme exfoliation.

What are enzymes in skincare?

Enzymes are proteins mostly derived from plant sources that help accelerate naturally-occurring reactions. In skincare, enzymes gently break down keratin proteins that bind dead skin cells together. This way, you can easily remove dull, dry, and flaky skin to reveal a soft, radiant complexion underneath. Enzymes can be found in various fruits like papaya, pineapple, blueberries, and pumpkin.

Why are enzymes good for your skin?

Enzymatic exfoliation is the gentlest option for exfoliating the skin. It uses natural enzymes to break down dead skin cells without compromising the skin's barrier. Enzymatic exfoliation is great for all skin types, but especially for those with highly sensitive skin. Unlike acid-based exfoliants, enzymes won't alter the pH of your skin or interfere with other actives such as vitamin C. Enzymes are also highly effective at smoothing texture, purifying the skin, brightening skin tone, and opening pores for easier extraction, all while keeping your skin's natural moisture barrier intact.

How often should you use enzymes in your skincare routine?

As with any new skincare item, it’s recommended to introduce the product gradually and see how your skin reacts. From there, you can increase the usage accordingly. Generally speaking, two to three times a week is the average amount of usage. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to only use it once a week. Enzymes are suitable for daily use, and if your skin can tolerate it, you may choose to apply an enzyme exfoliant daily. And remember, your skin renews itself overnight, so morning is often the best time to exfoliate.

Does glowoasis formulate skincare with enzymes?

Yes, we do! You can find enzymes in our probiotics + papaya enzyme exfoliating powder. This transformative facial exfoliator contains natural fruit enzymes from papaya that offer effective, but gentle exfoliation. The enzymes work by breaking down and then dissolving the keratin (proteins) in your skin’s uppermost layers that hold dead skin cells together. No scrubbing required! The enzyme exfoliator is formulated for daily use, and its ultra-delicate grains help refine the skin and purify pores for a lasting glow.

Haven’t used an exfoliating powder before? Don’t worry! For this facial exfoliator, start by combining 3-4 gentle shakes of powder and water in one palm and rub your hands together until a creamy foam forms. Apply onto wet skin and let the foam sit for one minute before rinsing thoroughly with warm water. Our enzyme exfoliator is that simple to use!

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If you want to say goodbye to dull, dry skin, enzymes are key. This ingredient helps boost radiance while leaving your skin silky-smooth to the touch. Choose fruit enzymes for skin and let your natural glow shine!

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