What’s in (and out) of Our Brand Vocabulary

Here at glowoasis, it’s our mission to inspire you to embrace your oasis and love the skin you’re in. Think of us as your confidence coach. We believe there’s beauty in imperfections, and there’s nothing more powerful than accepting yourself just the way you are. That’s why we’ve created vegan probiotic skincare that deeply nurtures your skin, so you can glow with confidence. 

As part of our mission, we’ve created a special list of words that are in (and out) of our brand vocabulary! Check it out below.


What’s in: “healthy”

What’s out: “perfect” & “flawless”

Forget the unrealistic (and impossible) goal of “perfect” or “flawless” skin. They aren’t real. These words set unrealistic expectations for both you and your skin — which can only lead to disappointment and frustration. Instead, we should always strive for healthy skin that looks and feels its best.


What’s in: “pro-aging”

What’s out: “anti-aging”

It’s no secret that there is a lot of societal pressure on women and men to look youthful. In fact, according to Precedence Research, the global anti-aging market size is expected to be worth around US$ 119.6 billion by 2030 and growing at a CAGR of 7.9% from 2022 to 2030. But, why? Let’s normalize aging together and break the stigma that surrounds it. Aging is something to be proud of and celebrate! That’s why we’ve retired words like “anti-aging” and instead like to embrace “pro-aging” messaging.


What’s in: “long-lasting results”

What’s out: “quick fix”

While many brands may advertise a “quick fix” skincare product, we believe in delivering “long-lasting results”. Remember, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution to skin concerns, which is why we focus on maintaining optimal skin health. It’s important to support and balance the skin microbiome — a.k.a. the ecosystem of billions of microscopic organisms that make up the skin barrier — as most skin concerns, like dehydration, redness, and uneven skin texture, occur due to an imbalanced skin microbiome. Our proprietary vegan probiotic skincare uses liposome technology to ensure deeper and better absorption for long-lasting results.


What’s in: “nurture”

What’s out: “correct” & “flaws”

We encourage everyone to nurture their skin rather than be in the mindset that their skin needs to be “corrected”. While some may criticize their skin and look for “flaws”, we want to stray away from that kind of thinking. There are no “flaws”, as these imperfections are beautiful and help make us unique. So, let’s embrace our skin by nurturing any skin concerns. As we mentioned earlier, it’s crucial to address the root cause of skin concerns, and balance the skin microbiome, in order to achieve healthy, glowing skin! 


What’s in: “skin concerns”

What’s out: “skin problems” & “bad skin”

Let’s make it clear — our skin is not a “problem” and there’s no such thing as “bad skin”. Instead, these are “skin concerns” that can be nurtured with microbiome friendly skincare. By taking a deeper look at what’s causing these skin concerns, which is typically an imbalanced microbiome, everyone can reach their healthiest skin.


What’s in: minimizes the appearance of pores

What’s out: poreless

Just like “perfect” or “flawless” skin doesn’t exist, neither does “poreless” skin. And, that’s a good thing. Pores are the small openings in the skin that release oils and sweat. Dermatology Center for Skin Health, PLLC explains, “our pores release sebum, our body’s natural oil, to naturally moisturize our skin to help keep it supple. Although large pores can be frustrating, pores are necessary for maintaining healthy skin.” That’s why instead of trying to achieve “poreless” skin, aim for “minimizing the appearance of pores”. Thankfully exfoliating with a gentle exfoliant, like our powderporefect powder-to-foam enzyme cleanser, is one of the most effective ways to address and minimize enlarged face pores


What’s in: “transparent formulas

What’s out: “secret formulas”

We don’t keep “secrets” from our customers! Instead, we value this relationship and always offer full “transparency” of what’s infused into our formulas. All of our products are formulated with ethically sourced, proprietary vegan probiotics, and only feature ingredients that are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, clean, and effective. For a quick skincare ingredient check of what’s in (and out) of our formulas, check out “Our Clean Commitment” here

In changing the way we talk about the skin, we hope to start a bigger conversation about the impossible standards skin is often upheld to. We, as a society, need to normalize real skin and set realistic, attainable expectations. Our skin deserves to be treated with kindness. By banning these words from our brand’s vocabulary, we’re one step closer to loving and embracing our oasis.

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