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New year, clean slate! Make clean beauty part of your 2023 resolution with glowoasis. Because here, we believe achieving balanced, healthy skin should be simple. We recognize the beauty in feeling confident in your skin, which is why we only formulate with clean, responsibly-sourced ingredients that help you embrace your oasis. With our vegan probiotic skincare formulated for the microbiome, we know everyone can reach optimal skin health in the year ahead.

Learn more about our clean, microbiome skincare, and the clean commitment we’ve made to our customers below.

The story behind glowoasis
Founded in 2020, we are a clean, microbiome skincare brand that strives to push boundaries in the beauty industry. We are the first brand ever to leverage the power of vegan probiotics for healthy skin. All of our products are made with ethically-sourced vegan probiotics through a proprietary fermentation and agro-extraction process. We’ve also developed liposome technology to deliver our clean formulas below the skin’s surface for deeper, better absorption and next-level results. Remember, our vegan probiotic skincare is specifically formulated for your skin microbiome. 

We always put science-based innovation, thoughtful ingredient selection, and sustainability at the forefront of everything we do — making us a true trailblazer in the clean beauty space.

What is the skin microbiome and why is it important?
In a Glamour interview with dermal facialist and best-selling author Jennifer Rock, she explains that “Our skin is an organ and living on the surface of our skin is an entire ecosystem of microorganisms — which are collectively known as our skin’s microbiome. The microbes inhabiting our skin, such as viruses, bacteria, and fungi, are key to maintaining skin health by reinforcing skin barrier function, which keeps harmful aggressors out and helps to reduce inflammation within the skin.”

Unfortunately, though, most skin issues — like breakouts, dryness, and redness — surface from an imbalanced skin microbiome. And, everyday factors like environmental exposure, age, and diet can all cause your microbiome to lose its balance. By using our vegan probiotic skincare, you can restore this balance and finally reach your healthiest skin.

Our clean commitment
We are committed to developing skincare scientifically proven to perform while holding ourselves to unparalleled standards of cleanliness. Our team of experts has excluded known harmful toxins that often compromise the skin barrier, and only formulate with ingredients that are clinically proven to be effective. As an eco-conscious brand, we’re also dedicated to minimizing our footprint on the planet. That’s why we always choose ingredients and packaging that are more sustainable to help better the world around us.

We are a 100% vegan, cruelty-free skincare brand that’s clean and effective. We value the relationship we have with our customers and always offer full transparency of what goes in (and out of) our formulas. Our team proudly excludes over 2,100 (and counting) ingredients deemed questionable by the EU and other clean beauty authorities. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics explains, “The EU law bans 1,328 chemicals from cosmetics that are known or suspected to cause cancer, genetic mutation, reproductive harm or birth defects.” Since we strictly follow these EU beauty standards to deliver, we’ve banned ingredients like formaldehyde, parabens, and phthalates. Without these ingredients in your skincare formulas, you can have a balanced microbiome and healthy skin.

To ensure we’re selecting the best, cleanest ingredients that support your skin microbiome, our team of experts regularly reviews and updates ‘Our Clean Commitment’. You can learn more here.

Clean beauty certifications
We’re proud to announce that our probiotics + murumuru ultra calming toner and hydra surge moisturizer are both EWG verified. This is a special recognition we received from the EWG, or Environmental Working Group. They describe their organization as a “team of scientists, policy experts, lawyers and communications and data experts {working} tirelessly to reform our nation’s broken chemical safety and agricultural laws. We push industries to adopt our standards and stand against chemicals of concern. We educate consumers with actional information and inspire demand for safer products.” With this certification, EWG confirms that these products meet “EWG’s strictest standards for health and safety. [The products avoid] any of the ingredients on EWG’s “Unacceptable List” and {provide] full transparency of ingredients, including fragrance.” We are honored to receive this clean beauty certification.

You can shop our EWG-verified toner and moisturizer here.

glowoasis is your one-stop shop for clean, microbiome skincare
We are your go-to brand for clean, microbiome skincare! Shop the best vegan probiotic skincare formulated for your skin microbiome here and watch your skin thrive like never before.

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