Clean Beauty Trends: Drug Store News Spotlights glowoasis

Thank you, “Drug Store News,'' for featuring glowoasis and our co-founder, Vera Oh, in the article, “Executives Weigh in on the Major Issues Impacting Beauty in 2023.” We’re thrilled to be included in this impressive lineup of industry leaders!

At glowoasis, we take pride in offering innovative, clean, and sustainable vegan skincare products that promote self-care and an overall sense of well-being. Our vegan probiotic skincare collection is safe, effective, and cruelty-free, nourishing and balancing the skin's microbiome for healthy, glowing skin.

As consumers demand more vegan skincare brands that prioritize both health and environmental sustainability, we’re leading the way in providing science-based products with proof behind our claims, and sustainable packaging. In the article, Oh notes that consumers are increasingly interested in discovering what’s new in the beauty, health, and wellness categories while being concerned about their impact on themselves and the environment.

At glowoasis, we share the same values as consumers who prioritize clean and sustainable beauty products. Our vegan and cruelty-free skincare products are effective and ethical, giving consumers peace of mind while they care for their skin. We’re proud to be leading the clean, vegan skincare movement and providing innovative solutions that prioritize both the health of our customers and the planet. 

Experience your best glow here with our vegan probiotic skincare collection!
Read the full “Drug Store News” article here.

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