milkdew Wins Bella Magazine’s 2023 Best in Skincare Award

We're thrilled to announce that our milkdew pH balancing moisture milk toner has been crowned the Best in Skincare by “Bella Magazine.” This award-winning toner features a unique dairy-free probiotic skincare formula that delivers incredible benefits to the skin. It’s a true game-changer in the world of vegan skincare and we’re honored to receive such an acknowledgement.

There’s so much to love about our moisturizing toner! milkdew deeply hydrates, balances, and nourishes the skin in only one step thanks to microbiome-friendly skincare ingredients like vegan probiotics, apricot oil, soybean extract, and cica extract. It also allows for better absorption of any subsequent skincare products, so you’re receiving the most out of your facial toner. 

Thank you to “Bella Magazine” for recognizing our commitment to excellence and innovation in the skincare community. Shop our milkdew pH balancing moisture milk toner now and discover for yourself why it's the talk of the beauty industry.

Find our win in “Bella Magazine” here!

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