behind the brand: how glowoasis began

“After extensive research, we realized skin could benefit from probiotics just as much as our bodies do, so we applied the same principles of probiotics and internal health to skincare. We created glowoasis to leverage the power of vegan probiotics for a healthy, balanced skin microbiome.

For more than a decade, we’ve been dedicated to developing cleaner, healthier, and safer vegan hand, foot, and body care products for beauty professionals. This journey has led us to create glowoasis, a brand that embodies our vision and values. With glowoasis, we strive to help everyone achieve optimal skin health.

It’s extremely important to us that all of our products are clean AND effective, so we’ve made sure to leave out thousands of questionable ingredients because you shouldn’t have to choose between ingredients that are good for you and ingredients that work.

We ultimately want everyone to feel confident in their skin.”

vera oh + joseph choi

the magic behind our formulas

We believe it’s important to address the root cause of skin concerns, and the truth is that most skin issues surface because of an imbalanced microbiome. That’s why we infuse our formulas with proprietary vegan probiotics derived from napa cabbage. Our innovative fermentation and agro-extraction process helps preserve all the key nutrients of the cabbage to benefit your skin.

The vegan probiotics, when mixed with other skin-loving ingredients and safe preservatives, create a thoughtful microbiome-friendly formulation that helps balance and strengthen the skin barrier for healthy skin. We choose vegan probiotics because they’re non-irritating and safer for the skin, without any additives. They also produce fewer carbon emissions, making them a more responsible choice than dairy-based probiotics.

We discovered that most skincare products remain on the skin's surface and don't penetrate the epidermis, which prevents essential nutrients from being absorbed. To address this issue, we tirelessly developed a patent-pending liposome technology that encapsulates our vegan probiotics with protective micro-bubbles, helping them to penetrate deep into the dermis for maximum absorption and results.

Our proprietary vegan probiotics, fermentation, and agro-extraction process, coupled with our patent-pending liposome technology, have revolutionized the skincare industry.

all of our products are




100% Vegan


Backed by Science


Pregnancy Safe


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