Double Cleansing with Beauty Blogger, Jasmine


Want to achieve a deeper, more thorough cleanse when you’re washing your face? Add double cleansing to your skincare regimen! Come along as one of our favorite beauty bloggers, Jasmine, shows us how to perfect our double cleansing routine for the ultimate glow.

But first things first...


What is double cleansing?  

Simply put, double cleansing is an easy two-step process for washing your face. It typically involves first using an oil-based cleanser, and then following with a water-based cleanser. While this method originally gained popularity through traditional Korean 10-step skincare regimens, double cleansing has become a crucial part of our skincare routines for healthy, glowing skin. 


What are the benefits of double cleansing?

Double cleansing offers so many key benefits to the skin. For starters, double cleansing lets you attain a much deeper cleanse, which helps the following products in your skincare regimen penetrate the skin more effectively. This means you’re better able to absorb all the nutrient-rich ingredients found in your skincare products. Double cleansing also works to unclog pores, eliminate impurities, prevent pesky breakouts and revitalize even the driest skin. With double cleansing, your overall skin health improves for a look and feel that’s so soft and fresh!

When should I double cleanse?

We recommend double cleansing during your PM routine. Not only will you remove any makeup you have on, but you’ll get rid of harmful bacteria and pollutants that tend to accumulate on your skin throughout the day. 


How to double cleanse: 

Since oil attracts oil, start with our makeupmelt cleansing balm to gently dissolve oil-based impurities like makeup, SPF and surface oils. It’s formulated with ingredients like moringa seed oil, false daisy and neem leaf extract that hydrate and cleanse the skin for a healthy glow. makeupmelt also boosts and strengthens the skin’s immunity to protect it from pollution, UV rays and other environmental stressors. 

For your second cleanse, we suggest using our cloudcleanse cloud-whipped foam cleanser. This water-based cleanser clears away water-based impurities left behind, like dirt and sweat. Its pH-balancing (5.8-6.8) formula refines pores, and helps the skin maintain its natural moisture for smooth, baby-soft skin.

Not sure if double cleansing is for you? Try out our cleanse mini duo kit here. It contains both of our double cleansing essentials in mini sizes.

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