glowoasis probiotics + murumuru collection: Q&A with Prachi Purohit

The wait is over! glowoasis’s NEW probiotics + murumuru collection is finally here. This collection is very special to us, and we cannot wait for you to experience it for yourself. To share with you more about this collection, and what you can expect from it, we’ve sat down with our Product Development team’s Manager of Quality and Compliance, Prachi Purohit. Check out our interview with her below to find out the 4 things you need to know about this new line. 

Q: What products are included in the new collection? Can you tell us a bit about each?

A: The probiotics + murumuru collection is made up of two products — our ultra calming toner and hydra surge moisturizer

The toner is enriched with our signature vegan probiotics, murumuru butter, vitamin B complex and rosemary leaf water and oil. The strength of these ingredients together minimize fine lines and larger pores, while helping to calm redness and irritation. With it, your skin feels revitalized and ready for the next step in your routine … moisturizing! 

Just like the toner, our moisturizer is formulated with vegan probiotics and murumuru butter. It’s also enriched with cica, ceramide NP and a vitamin B complex,including niacinamide, or vitamin B3. These ingredients come together to form a deeply hydrating blend that immediately replenishes your skin’s moisture and calms redness.

Q: What makes these products so effective?

A: Our powerful infusion of probiotics and cold-pressed murumuru butter! We specifically selected these ingredients since they’re microbiome-friendly and non-GMO, which are important brand values for us.

For this line in particular, we really wanted to focus on releasing products that help hydrate skin irritation brought on by internal and external stressors. Our products nourish and strengthen the microbiome, or your protective skin barrier. We’ve also banned more than 2,000 questionable ingredients (including the 1,640+ ones prohibited by the EU) to deliver only effective, safe, clean skincare.

Q: What is the skin microbiome, and why is vegan probiotic skincare important for it?

A: The skin microbiome is an ecosystem of billions of bacteria and fungi that comprise the skin microbiota. By adding vegan probiotics to our skincare, it helps promote a healthy skin microbiome, which is crucial for preventing fine lines, dark spots and other skin issues. But, not only do vegan probiotics strengthen the skin microbiome, they also retain the skin’s moisture and reinforce the skin’s natural defense against harmful bacteria and hormonal imbalances. Without vegan probiotics, the skin may experience pesky breakouts and dryness.

Q: What results can we expect to see when using the ultra calming toner and hydra surge moisturizer? 

A: With our ultra calming toner, you can expect it to truly calm, balance and protect your skin. With each use, it leaves your complexion feeling refreshed, as it fully preps the skin for the next stage of your regimen. 

Our hydra surge moisturizer will calm your skin, too, as well as replenish and hydrate it. Even just a small amount of this product provides instant, long-lasting hydration for a smooth, soft, healthy look and feel. But, it’s important to note that with regular use over a longer period of time, you can even expect it to balance and promote your skin microbiome.

This collection is a gentler skincare option that’s suitable for ALL skin types. 

We’re extremely proud of this collection, and we know once you give it a try, you’ll love it as much as we do. Buy the new probiotics + murumuru collection here today! 

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