How to Prep Your Skin for Holiday Travel

Traveling is at its peak during the holiday season. From those visiting family members states away to others vacationing in beautiful, warm-weather destinations, we love using this time to take a quick break from reality and truly enjoy ourselves. But, just as we get ready for holiday travel by booking flights, packing luggage, or scheduling a much-needed mani and pedi, our skin needs some prep, too. Traveling can affect the skin, but with the right steps taken, your complexion will remain glowing! 

Check out these tips below for keeping skin healthy throughout your holiday travels. 


1. Pack a travel-sized skincare kit

The best way to nourish and protect your skin while you’re away from home is with a skincare travel kit. The products inside may be mini, but they’re just as effective as the full-size items you use daily. Travel-size kits are compact, lightweight, and portable. Plus, if you’re traveling by plane, our glowoasis glow to go vegan skincare kit meets TSA carry-on requirements. Toss the skincare minis into your luggage, and take your routine with you everywhere and anywhere the holidays bring you.


2. Keep your destination’s weather in mind

When planning a holiday travel excursion, think about what the climate is like where you’re visiting. For instance, if you’re heading out to a destination with plenty of sunshine, you can’t forget to pack sunblock lotion with a high SPF. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC, “you should use a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF of 15 or higher.” 

Frigid temperatures, harsh winds, and dry indoor heat can all draw out the skin’s moisture. If you’re traveling to a cold destination, stock up on high-performance moisturizers that deeply hydrate and moisturize. Our glowoasis quench & nourish moisturizer bundle features glowburst intense hydration boosting cream and probiotics + murumuru hydra surge moisturizer. glowburst works to replenish lost hydration while the hydra surge moisturizer seals in hydration and moisture by acting as a barrier on the skin’s surface. Shop the quench & nourish moisturizer bundle here!

Having your favorite face cleansers on hand is a must for humid climates. Our NewBeauty award-winning cloudcleanse cloud-whipped foam cleanser is highly effective at lifting away impurities like dirt and sweat and keeping pores clear.


3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

As we mentioned earlier, traveling can wreak havoc on the skin — especially while flying at high altitudes. Our very own Director of Education, and licensed aesthetician, Elizabeth Cardoza explains, “Cabin pressure and low humidity can cause dehydration and inflammation when you are 36,000 feet above the ground.” This is why it’s essential to keep skin hydrated while in flight. Thankfully, our clean, effective skincare ingredients, like vegan probiotics, can help. They’re great for boosting the skin’s hydration and natural defense barrier in mid-flight.

Beauty travel tip: Substitute a detox & hydration mask with makeupmelt!

Cardoza says, “Replenish and refresh your skin by maximizing the use of your vegan probiotic makeupmelt cleansing balm.” That’s right, makeupmelt does more than just melt away hard-to-remove makeup. It also contains the same components, ingredients, and benefits of a detox & hydration mask.

Cardoza suggests creating an in-flight tissue mask by “[applying] a thin layer of makeupmelt to your skin, allowing it to soothe and heal your skin while you travel.” This helps prevent inflammation and creates a detoxifying barrier of hydration to protect and repair the skin. Plus, makeupmelt is infused with clean, results-driven ingredients like prickly pear extract, vitamin B, and amino acids that offer antioxidant benefits on dry, thirsty skin. 

Upon arriving at your destination, Cardoza recommends removing the tissue mask and massaging any remaining product into the lips, face, and décolletage. This is one of the best beauty tips for traveling, as you’ll achieve a fresh complexion before you land.

Shop our multi-faceted makeupmelt cleansing balm here.


4. Always wash your hands before touching your face

    Planes, trains, and other means of transportation can be breeding grounds for bacteria. Yikes! But, while it’s hard to avoid contact altogether, we can prevent transferring this bacteria to the skin by washing our hands before we touch our faces. 

    We can also protect and defend our skin from harmful bacteria by using vegan probiotic skincare found here at glowoasis. Our proprietary vegan probiotics help balance and strengthen the skin barrier to keep irritants out for healthy, balanced skin.


    5. Stick to your normal skincare routine

    Traveling is never an excuse to stray away from your skincare routine. If anything, it’s more important than ever to keep up with your daily regimen. Everything from the foods we eat to the amount of sleep we get can change when we’re away from home. While these switch-ups may seem minor, they can take a serious toll on the skin. By carrying on with your regular routine, you’re helping to protect and support your skin against these changes.


    Keep skin healthy this holiday season with glowoasis

    With these 5 travel skincare tips in mind, your skin will stay looking and feeling its healthiest even throughout your holiday travels. This way you can focus on what matters most — having a merry good time with loved ones.
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