The Vegan Effect: Discover the Endless Benefits of a Vegan Lifestyle

When we hear the term "a vegan lifestyle", we often think of a huge plant-based change, but that’s not always the case. There are definitely little steps toward a vegan lifestyle that we can take now to still reap the incredible benefits. Because just like the Domino Effect creates a chain reaction, the same can be said for the “Vegan Effect.” A vegan lifestyle not only positively affects your skin, but it also helps improve the planet and ease your conscience in the process. This summer, we’ll be educating you all about the endless benefits of a vegan lifestyle, and we hope you’ll decide to #GlowVegan with us! Interested in learning more? Read on to see just how small changes can make a big impact.


Better for Your Skin

If you’ve ever used our vegan skincare before, you know the true difference it makes on your skin. Our vegan skincare is free of any animal by-products, which can often cause skin irritation and clogged pores. To support your skin’s health best, we power our vegan skincare with vegan probiotics. They’re super soothing and gentle, making them suitable for ALL skin types — including sensitive skin. 

In order to bring you healthy vegan skincare, we’ve even excluded 2100+ harmful ingredients from our formulas. This includes over 1640 ingredients banned by the EU. With our vegan probiotic skincare, you can truly feel confident about what you’re applying to your skin.


Better for the Planet

Sustainability is one of the biggest advantages that comes from vegan skincare. Animal-based beauty tends to cause higher carbon emissions, deforestation and waste. But, with vegan skincare, this isn’t always the case. Vegan skincare is generally very eco-friendly. It’s been shown to lower deforestation and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. A leap towards vegan skincare may seem insignificant, but it can really help reduce our carbon footprint on the planet.


Better for Your Mind

Did you know that when you shop with us, you’re actually helping to better the lives of animals? We’ve made an ethical commitment to make our vegan skincare brand fully cruelty-free. We don’t ever use animal by-products or test our products and packaging on animals. At glowoasis, we’re proudly certified by PETA! You can trust that we’ll never harm any animals in our skincare process.

Clear your mind and pamper your skin in good conscience with our vegan skincare. By making the decision to include our products into your daily skincare routine, you’re indirectly helping to create a kinder, safer world for our furry friends.


As a society, our main goal is always to better the world we live in. While a vegan lifestyle may not be for everyone, there’s no denying the positive effect it pushes into motion. Each step we take towards glowing vegan this summer will not only help us, but future generations as well.

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