Spa and Beauty Today Features milkdew pH Balancing Toner

We’re pleased to announce that our glowoasis milkdew pH balancing toner is featured in the “Spa and Beauty Today” article, “The Best Face Mists and Toners for Gorgeous Skin” by Kamala Kirk. This article highlights the significance of incorporating facial toners into one’s skincare regimen and lists some of the best toners available on the market, including our very own milkdew.

As leaders in vegan skincare, we are always committed to offering our customers the finest products, and it’s an honor to be recognized for our contribution to the beauty industry. milkdew is our top-selling probiotic toner that works wonders on the skin. Our two-in-one moisturizing formula is infused with vegan probiotics, apricot oil, and soybean extract, making it the perfect solution for protecting and replenishing your skin's moisture barrier from dryness. This pH balancing toner also helps improve skin tone and texture and enhances the absorption of other vegan skincare products.

At glowoasis, we believe in the power of vegan probiotic skincare and are delighted to have our milkdew pH balancing toner featured in “Spa and Beauty Today.” It's the must-have facial toner for anyone who wants to elevate their skincare routine and achieve skin that’s balanced, hydrated, nourished, and most importantly . . . healthy!

Read the full “Spa and Beauty Today” article here.

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